Services We Provide


Our firm will help you take the stress and worry out of your next purchase or sale whether it is residential or commercial. There is no transaction too big or too small. We are a friendly, service oriented firm and we provide prompt and efficient service.

We understand that it can be a stressful time and we are in a position to ensure that you are aware of your obligations as a purchaser or a vendor. When it comes to decisions that are this big in a person’s life our time is yours.

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The breakdown of a family is a devastating time for all involved. At Jensens Solicitors we understand that once we are no longer involved with your matter you still need to be able to co-parent with your former spouse and provide a stable and loving family environment.

It is our goal to reach fast and effective resolutions to family law matters without the need for litigation. Litigation is costly both financially and emotionally and we are dedicated to providing you with the right advice for the purpose of avoiding these costs.

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Whether you have a speeding ticket or a more serious criminal matter pending we are  able to give you the advice you need and to advocate on your behalf to achieve the best outcome under the law.

We appear in Local Court, District Court and in the Supreme Court. We provide realistic advice as to the potential outcome of matters and we will be with you every step of the way in what we know is a difficult time in your life.

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Again this can be a difficult time and we are always mindful that a resolution of a matter is far better for our clients than litigation. We provide you with advice in relation to who can and cannot claim on an estate and the reasons in a way that makes sense to you.

In the event that an outcome cannot be achieved without going to court we will advise you each step of the way and do everything we can to achieve a just outcome for you.

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There are three very important documents that everyone should have to ensure that they are in a position, so that, should the worst happen their family is not in a position where they have to wonder and worry about what you would have wanted and whom you would have wanted to carry out your wishes. These documents are your Will and your Enduring Power of Attorney and your Enduring Guardian.

We will explain the complexities of these documents in plain language so that you are able to understand exactly what you are signing. You will understand what can and cannot form part of your estate and why.

At Jensens we believe that every one should be able to easily afford these documents.

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Jensens Solicitors have been helping executors carry out their duties with the skill, service and compassion required for the task for 20 years.

It can be a daunting process ensuring that the right steps are taken to deal with collection of estate assets, documentation required for probate applications, asset distribution and keeping beneficiaries informed of progress. We can advise you and guide you so that you know and understand the process.

As an executor of an Estate you have the discretion to seek a legal advisor that you can understand and trust to guide you through the process. Call us today and discuss any needs or concerns that you may have and we will make the time to ensure that you understand your obligations and the process that you are about to embark on.


Public Land can be daunting, whether as a user or a manager of the land.  The legislation can be complex and layered.

Our firm assists in providing reviews of the relevant issues, including historical matters and ongoing usage of the land, tenure documents, community expectations and the appropriate legislative framework.

We are able to assist Councils NSW State Government in meeting the obligations under both the Local Government Act 1993 and the Crown Land Management Act 2016, including:

  • negotiating and drafting tenure documents
  • reviewing and updating public land management documents and records (including the Land Register and Plans of Management) for currency and compliance,
  • convening public hearings and providing the statutory documentation following hearing;
  • obtaining Minister’s consent for plans or leases where required.

Our staff are able to undertake a review and audit of public land holdings and provide reports identifying any compliance issues.

We assist both Councils and and users of Crown Land including research and advice in preparation for the Land Negotiation Program.

Fast and efficient resolution to a matter is better for the client and for the firm.